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Gary Hustwit, director of Helvetica, has announced his second film, Objectified, a documentary about industrial design.

Dieter Rams in a production still from Objectified
A production still from Objectified showcases an interview with Dieter Rams.

Gary says "’s about the manufactured objects we surround ourselves with, and the people who make them." And it features a pretty star-studded cast, including perennial DLB favorites Naoto Fukasawa, Jonathan Ive, and IDEO.

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PaulJul 31, 2008

Less is Better, Vol. 2: Packaging

In our continuing quest for design inspirado, DLB pleased to present you with some of our favorite examples of doing less to get better results. In this installment: Packaging design for food.

In a market (ha!) saturated with "zing! pow! zoom!-esque" design, London-based R Design and IDEO founder Naoto Fukasawa show us the path to cut through the noise, and create powerful, harmonious packaging design with less.

Packaging design for Selfridges & Co. by R-Design

We'll let London-based R-Design speak for their design for Selfridges & Co. products: "...this colour coding of black shines on shelves that traditionally blind us with lurid rainbows. One color. One typeface. One point size. Packaging good enough to eat."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Packaging design Banana Juice box by IDEO's Naoto Fukasawa

Taking design restraint one step further, the inimitable Naoto Fukasawa never ceases to amaze with this lovely package for banana juice. It is hard to extol this design enough: Fukasawa uses a communicative surface to actually remove the need for any type or graphics whatsoever. Nirvana.

Thanks to our friends at The Dieline Package Design Blog for the heads-up.

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PaulMay 28, 2008