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Four Design Links: July 16, 2009

Time to drop the Trends label, I think. Not everything in my Thursday posts is up-to-the-minute, nor is it "trendy". Let's go with Four Links from here on out!

1. Less, But Better

BBH labs has an long article featuring the work of influential industrial designer Dieter Rams that concludes with an interview. It's worth checking out. Rams is certainly a favorite around here!

2. A Solution to Print Relevancy? Solving Wired's Puzzle Issue

A while back I posted a link about the possible demise of the print version of Wired Magazine. May's special puzzle issue, guest edited by J.J Abrams, makes a case for the potential still left in the medium.

Text from Wired Magazine's Puzzle Issue

Lone Shark Games hid 15 puzzles in the magazine whose solutions unlock a final metapuzzle. Fittingly, the final solution (SPOILER) bridges old and new media, as it involves both cutting the magazine and visiting a website. Read about it here.

3. You Should Follow Me on Twitter

An informal study by Dustin Curtis (the infamous blogger) suggests that to gain more Twitter followers, you may wish to choose your language carefully.

Dustin Curtis -- You Should Follow Me on Twitter

4. Collection of Baseball Infographics

Finally, for a little bit of summer, check out Craig Robinson's Flip Flop Fly Ball for some beautifully presented baseball data.

Distance covered by runners in a season, plotted on a US map.
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NickJul 16, 2009


Gary Hustwit, director of Helvetica, has announced his second film, Objectified, a documentary about industrial design.

Dieter Rams in a production still from Objectified
A production still from Objectified showcases an interview with Dieter Rams.

Gary says "’s about the manufactured objects we surround ourselves with, and the people who make them." And it features a pretty star-studded cast, including perennial DLB favorites Naoto Fukasawa, Jonathan Ive, and IDEO.

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PaulJul 31, 2008

Not Keen on Kindle

Thibaut Sailly does not like the Amazon Kindle. Not the whole ebook-DRM thing (which is also broken), but the form factor itself. For example:

Kindle Assymetry

I don't have anything against asymmetrical designs... the volume itself is ok to me. But having symmetric elements (the keyboard and the screen) that give the most visual weight to an un-centered (left aligned) element in an asymmetric shape can only result as a mess. If you choose asymmetry, stick with it. For example, don't make a symmetric keyboard when you can do an asymmetric one. But first, don't choose it when the purpose of the object is to display a book page that looks like it has a center line (apparently they acknowledged this fact by placing the logo centered under the screen).
(Note: Edited a few words-- his English is not perfect.)

I’m inclined to agree with the guy, not only because of the clear arguments he makes with his visuals, but also because he follows a posting about the gorgeous video game Bioshock with a video about Paul Rand (“hero” tag, indeed!).

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NickDec 8, 2007