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Twitter Visualizations

Tools for visualizing Twitter from Jeff Clark.

I recently came across Jeff Clark’s portfolio, which features a ton of solid data visualization tools and projects, including a couple of nice applications for Twitter.

Twitter Venn (created using Processing and Twitter Search) takes a set of terms and creates a Venn Diagram showing the rate of tweets containing the each of search terms and combination of the search terms. Twitter Venn also shows a tag cloud for each regions with other common words. Look at the Twitter Venn for design, less, better:

Twitter Venn: design less better

Ok, I’ll take responsibility for the lack of the combo “design + less + better.” Paul, whose tweets are rare and often cryptic, isn’t helping a lot either. We’ll work on that.

Anyway, I also like Twitter Spectrum, which two search terms and shows words that are most commonly associated with the terms in tweets.

Via HBR.

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AndreaFeb 24, 2010

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Very cool, as are all the posts I’ve found here in my first visit… I’ve followed @counternotions for over a year and never thought to visit until seeing @nathanbowers list it, now I don’t want to unplug ~

Thanks for the fun links and smart brevity, much appreciated.


GirlPie at 1:15am on Tue, Mar 2nd.

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