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Monday Tutorials

A random collection of how-to's.

1. How To Raise An Ethical Issue At Work: 3 tips from HBR

1. Treat the conflict as a business issue. Present the issue as you would any other business issue: provide sufficient detail, tailor your message to the audience, and deliver it in an appropriate context.
2. Recognize that it’s part of your job. Ethical issues may feel like a distraction from “real” work, but identifying, thinking through, and acting on them are part of everyone’s job.
3. Be yourself. Don’t assume that you have to be confrontational, assertive, or courageous to bring up an ethical issue. The best approach is to be yourself and use a style you are comfortable with.

2. How To Sleep Better With Your iPhone
Pardon me for living in a cave where I lack awareness of the plethora of iPhone apps that are designed to help you sleep better, but apparently I’ve been missing out. A friend vouched for the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. As a chronic snooze-button-hitter and awful sleeper, I’ll be making my way through this list of apps to see if I can improve my mornings. Stay tuned.

Sleep Cycle App

3. How To Cheat on an IT Certification Exam:
Well, I’m not going to tell you how to, but apparently cheating on IT certification exams must be relatively easy, and IT professionals are getting more and more desperate. A recent survey reports that cheating is up by 10% and 12% of respondents to a recent IT Ethics survey have “directly witnessed someone cheating on a certification exam.” Yikes.

4. How To Grow A Chair and other notes on arborsculpture from an interview with Richard Reames. Using grafting techniques, Richard Reames performs arborsculpture – “the art of shaping tree trunks to create art and functional items through bending, grafting, pruning, and multiple planting.”

Reames - Peace Sign Tree

5. How To Dress Like An Artist: Selected tidbits from an article by Roget White in Paper Monument.

Artists must first of all distinguish themselves from members of the adjacent professional classes typically present at art world events: dealers, critics, curators, and caterers. They must second of all take care not to look like artists. This double negation founds the generative logic of artists’ fashion.
…An artist compensates for a limited wardrobe budget by making creative and entertaining clothing choices, much in the way that a dog compensates for a lack of speech through vigorous barking.
Artists are not only permitted but are in fact required to be underdressed at formal institutional functions. But egregious slovenliness without regard to context is a childish ploy, easily seen through.
…The extension of fashion into the violation of norms of personal hygiene and basic grooming constitutes the final arena for radicalism in artists’ fashion. Brave, fragrant souls! You will be admired from a distance.

6. How To Kill A Spider On Your Ceiling.
With hair spray. Yahoo Answers: always a treat.

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AndreaFeb 22, 2011

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Arborisculpture is a brilliant.

I would be afraid that if I sprayed the spider with hairspray, it would just stick to me better…

Jacqueline at 9:02am on Fri, Feb 25th.

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