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Make fun of Comic Sans on your own time

What? I said it all in the title.

Look, I think it’s funny to make fun of Comic Sans. But I have to admit that I had mixed feelings when I saw this image earlier this week.

Newest Comic Sans Joke

I doubt very seriously that the Comic Sans does more to damage the company in question’s Fortune 500 status/image than does the cost of another employee making another sign. My advice: make fun of Comic Sans on your own time. GBTW.

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PaulAug 27, 2010
Tagged with: Comic Sans, Fortune 500, GBTW

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Do you think it would be acceptable to simply replace the sign with one you made yourself (presumably featuring a font that wasn’t Comic Sans)?

Noah at 8:36am on Fri, Aug 27th.


I agree. The Comic Sans elitism has become a meme with the bitter side taste of false superiority.

Keno März at 6:47am on Sat, Aug 28th.


Is GBTW a new form of GBLT?

Adam Dennis at 3:18am on Thu, Dec 9th.


No, it’s perfectly appropriate to have made the second sign. Comic Sans is not casual, irreverent or informal…it’s just bad. I don’t even think it’s appropriate for a lemonade stand. It’s not elitism. I’m not “too good” for a bad font. It’s just a bad font. Period. People do form opinions of you based on different things. When I see a business email in Comic Sans it gives me a certain opinion about the person who sent it or the company she sent it from. If you disagree, go ahead and use it for all your emails and see how seriously people take you. You want to take that chance?

Jaimie at 11:27am on Tue, Jan 4th.


Jaimie, In this situation Comic Sans was not being used in a business email — it was being used for a casual note that in the past would probably have been written by hand.

Perhaps what’s more interesting is that the person chose to go to their computer, sit down, and type the sign instead of simply grabbing a marker and jotting a note to their office mates. Could their penmanship really be that bad?

I commend the sign-maker for making an understandable type decision based on the context and goal of the sign. A designer in the making!

Dan Theiman at 11:40pm on Tue, Mar 29th.

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