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Four Design Links:
May 20, 2010

Four Design Links is a review of the design- and ethics-related stories we've been reading online this week.

1. Display Myths Shattered

Everything you thought you knew about monitor specs and controls is wrong. Seriously.

2. Watch out for Cramming

This week, I learned about Cramming, which sounds a lot like the Opt-out schemes we’ve covered in the past. The scam depends on people not paying attention to false charges hidden in their phone bill. Except with cramming, you don’t even have agree to anything! Read on…

3. The Lie of the Game Preview

Ars makes a valid point: When have you ever read a negative preview for a game? Never. Everything developers show journalists is tightly controlled. Of course it looks good!

4. Web Design Trends: 2010

Smashing Magazine published its annual list of the year’s trends in web design. It’s worth a look to see what’s new (and what’s tired).

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NickMay 20, 2010

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