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Four Design Links: March 25, 2010

Four Design Links is a review of the design- and ethics-related stories we've been reading online this week.

1. Watch this Presentation: Square

Something that caught our eye a while back. This video is one of the most clever and legible explanations we’ve seen. It takes a complex, multi-step product and makes it seem accessible to anyone. Bravo!

2. The Six Things Clients Want

A nice reminder of what the designer’s job really entails, e.g. you aren’t just building your client a website, you’re inspiring them, bringing in ideas, and improving process. See past the product in the contract. What does your client really want?

3. Adobe’s Magic Paintbrush: Context Aware Fill

Very impressive technology demo. The “uncropping” part at the end is astounding. I was skeptical, but it’s not a hoax. This will be in CS5.

It’s not 100% perfect, but from the look of things, it’s about 90% what you’d get if you spent hours with the Clone Stamp. I’d call that progress.

((as somebody commented on the Adobe blog, with this tech, sites like iStockphoto are going to need some new watermarks…))

4. A Manifesto of Manifestos

I like this post and tend to agree with its observations. Sort of a meta-manifesto.

Needs to be 10 points, though. A nice round number. ;)

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NickMar 25, 2010

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