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Four Design Links: July 23, 2009

Today's Four Links are of the educational variety. Follow a couple and learn something new!

1. Packaging Design at Its Worst

Treehugger has a gallery of packaging designs that are wasteful and, in one case, downright dangerous.

2. What Street Vendors Can Teach Businesses About Twitter

One of the better articles I’ve read on making effective use of Twitter. I appreciate the fact that the authors use real tweets as examples instead of simply making broad, unsupported generalizations.

3. Want more sign-ups? Don’t lead with “Free” offers

In user testing, 37signals found that a call-to-action button with the copy “See Plans and Pricing” resulted in a 200% increase in sign-ups over variations on “Sign-up for a Free Trial”.

It seems that people are weary of “free” things online as they are often a gateway to unwanted subscriptions and opt-out schemes.

4. How to Monetize a Free Service

Okay, that title’s a bit misleading.

But we could learn something from the actions of Pandora CEO Tim Founder on how to make the move from free to freemium. Founder broke the news to his customers in a sensitive and well-reasoned letter that’s worth reading.

Make a great service and treat your customers like intelligent people. That’s something we can all subscribe to.

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NickJul 23, 2009

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