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Four Design Links:
July 1, 2010

Four Design Links is a review of the design- and ethics-related stories we've been reading online this week. This week: is design thinking a myth?, the ethics of gadgets, moral super-powers, and an Apple petition.

1. Design Thinking: A Useful Myth

Core77 has an essay from none other than Donald Norman, who criticizes the idea that “design thinking” is unique to designers but considers it a necessary evil if they are to be taken seriously for more than “making things pretty”.

2. Death by Gadget

No phone or tablet computer can be considered “cool” if it may be helping perpetuate one of the most brutal wars on the planet.

From the Design Ethics desk: a NYT Op-Ed that asks us to consider the human cost of electronics made with conflict minerals.

3. Strength in naughty or nice

We’ve often said that if you want your business to do well, you should be morally good. Now you have another reason: Harvard researchers claim that trying to do good may give you super powers.

4. Gizmodo launches Apple iPhone petition

Gizmodo argues that Apple should either fix the iPhone 4 reception problem or give free cases to users (which fix the problem).

It does seem shady that the phones are broken and Apple’s best suggestion (other than holding it unnaturally) is to buy a new $30 case from them. Even if that wasn’t their strategy (and I doubt it was), they can’t afford the perception.

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NickJul 1, 2010

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