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Four Design Links: February 11, 2010

Is it Thursday already? Then it's time for Four Design Links, a look at what we've been reading this week.

1. The Customer Whisperer

I’ve been thinking over this article for a couple of weeks as it supports a theory I have about client relations. Bad interactions are not always the fault of the client. Sometimes it is because the designer has improperly set the expectations within the relationship. The client has not been properly trained.

I think it’s human nature to want to be “nice” to those who sign our checks, but as Dave Nicolette points out in this post, if you’re nice to a new puppy — if you don’t impose discipline — it will relieve itself all over your apartment.

In a healthy relationship, it can be necessary for the designer to shape the behavior of the client (or at least be cognizant of patterns of behavior), not to manipulate them, but to ensure the best outcome of the project.

2. Horrible Video Game Stock Photos

Bad video game stock photo

Stock photos of people playing video games are a special kind of awful. Gamespy has a gallery featuring some of the worst offenders.

3. Modern Art 0WNED

Art History Poster by Vuk Vidor
Available at A Third Drawer Down


4. The Missing Google Analytics Manual

While this post doesn’t quite live up to it’s billing (it’s hardly concise), it does offer a large list of relevant links for getting the most out of Google Analytics. I certainly learned a thing or two.

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