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Blogging Less

DLB blogs less, and we're not sorry.

Last weekend, we here at DLB decided that we’re going to decrease our post frequency to fewer days per week.¬† Don’t worry, we’re still committed to quality slogging, but at the moment, we’re all over-committed in other areas, too.

We felt like it was only fair to you, readers, to be as transparent as possible, and to make sure you don’t suspect us of fizzling out like so many blogs do. It starts with less frequent posting, followed inevitably by a post with the obligatory “sorry I haven’t posted in a while” opening (which Cory Arcangel collects at his “Sorry I Haven’t Posted” re-blog). Rarely do blog authors have the foresight of Momus, who, prior to writing his final “This is my last entry” post, posted several weeks worth of re-visits to his musical projects for future visitors to stumble upon.

(Looking at last posts also reminded me how awkward first posts are, too. I re-admired  the collection of first posts Paul collected in our first post.)

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AndreaJan 17, 2011

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